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SCD 210 CONTROL BOX for Smart Cities flexible networks 



The SCD 210 Control Box enables the monitoring and control of all SCD 200 Series Smart City Devices based on DIGI’s wireless connectivity, such as streetlights, smart meters, PV panels, environment sensors, EV charging stations and many other devices connected to your smart city network The SCD 210 Control Box feature a compact outdoor IP66 enclosure for rugged applications and continuous operation. Device interface options include Ethernet, Modbus RS485 and a secure full two-way mesh wireless communications network for flexible connectivity to virtually any remote Smart City Device on the street The SCD 210 Control Box is equipped with a 3G cellular routing gateway offering a variety of LAN/WAN interface options for end-to-end networking of remote Smart City Devices. The wireless gateway include comprehensive IP protocols and IPSec VPN support for high-end routing and security. Critical applications run locally while interfacing across cellular networks for WAN connectivity to the open Streetlight.Vision Central Management Software Autonomous operation without requiring a continuous link to the central management server Functional features rich, dedicated to Streetlight Cabinet Control, Individual Light Point Control, Utility Metering and Billing, Environmental Sensors, Distributed Automation and many others Extremely easy and low cost installation process, provided with wall/pole mounting brackets Accurate energy and electrical parameters metering suitable for supporting utility billing Automatic identification of Smart City Devices failures and reduced onsite maintenance Smart City Devices Dynamic Control based on input signals, fixed time events, sun time events and other dynamic conditions to perform your required Smart City Scenario  
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each SCD 210 Control Box can monitor and control over 200 Smart City Devices suitable for Cabinet Control (alarming, light point failure detection, energy analysis,  monitoring and control) of Smart City applications, Intelligent Street Lighting (individual light point control) and Dynamic Outdoor Lighting  Scenario management (lighting control based on external signals and user defined schedules) connects to a secure mesh wireless communications network individual and group scheduling flexible and complete device interface to connect virtually any available Smart City Device future proof over-the-air firmware upgrades
3G cellular routing gateway enables secure connection to Central server over the internet powerful 3-phase smart energy meter for accurate measurement (energy, power, power factor, voltage, current, power quality, …) flexible combination of general purpose I/O (digital and analog input/output modules, relay output module, ….) real-time clock synchronized with NTP server and built in GPS based astronomical clock standalone operation and extended data logging, even if connection to Central Server is absent Central Management Software connection for remote alarming, monitoring and real-time control, data analysis, reporting, scheduling management, inventory and life cycle control


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