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SCD 220 SMART PHOTOCELL for Silver Spring Networks enabled Cities 



The SCD 220 Smart Photocell is an external wireless module that plugs in both standardized  3-pin and 7-Pin NEMA Twist Lock sockets (ANSI C136.10 and 136.41) Enables remote control and monitoring at every light point, for all lamp technologies With the onboard Silver Spring communications card, it provides a robust and secure full, two- way wireless communications in the open IPv6 Silver Spring network, between all compatible Smart City Devices and the open Streetlight.Vision Central Management Software Up to 70% total energy and maintenance savings Functional features rich Equipped with NFC interface, analog and digital inputs New easy and low cost installation process Leverage the street lighting networks to control and collect data from many Smart City Devices such as sensors, advance meters, distributed automation elements and many others Accurate energy and electrical parameters metering suitable for supporting utility billing Automatic identification of all lamp failures and reduced onsite maintenance Auto-photocell mode for continuous operation Pole tilt sensor ready Vertical light sensing window for the most accurate and reliable operation Increased lighting quality and security  Modern enclosure design, minimizes the accumulation of dirt and facilitates device self-cleaning 
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suitable for LED/HID streetlights supports both 3-pin and 7-pin NEMA twist-lock  sockets            (ANSI C136.10  and C136.41) on/off control and stepless dimming using 0-10V output interface connects to an open and standardized fast IPv6 Silver Spring network equipped with light sensor to enable auto-photocell mode for continuous operation digital input for motion-based dynamic lighting, tilt sensor or other external sensor analog voltage input for 0-10V sensor connection configurable unit system display
powerful energy processor for accurate luminaire measurement (energy, power, power factor, voltage, current, power quality, ambient light level, running hours…) line or load side measurement lighting error detection (day-burner, cycling lamp, blocked relay, open circuit, lamp failure…) photocell relay zero crossing switching for longevity and reduced interference easy onsite configuration and luminaire auto-test and diagnose feature using NFC interface and the mobile Streetlight.Vision app blocked photocell window detection future proof over-the-air firmware upgrades


Operating Voltage
 Power Consumption Digital Input   Analog Input  Output  Control
 Metering            Failures Identification  Safety
Installation Download Data Sheet  Silver Spring  Networking  Physical  Environmental Download Data Sheet
 (90-305VAC on request)
Average < 3W, Peak < 7W (as required by ANSI C136.48) 15A rated load Accuracy: 1% / 0,5% (on request) Dimensions: 79 x 84 mm (H x D)
North America